About Us

goodgarageWe are a passionate vehicle specialist looking out for our clients needs. We carry out a range of services on all makes and models of cars and vans but are also well known specialists for marques such as BMW, VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group), Mercedes and Japanese cars too.

We continually reinvest into new equipment, training and systems to deliver the best service possible at an affordable cost to our clients. We strongly believe keeping up with technology is extremely important.

While growing up my father (Big Steve) was a precision engineer and mechanical engineer and this developed passion and knowledge of all things mechanical and motor related.

Cars and bikes are in our blood;

We not only fix and tune cars but, consider working on them as a way of life, we are passionate about cars, live, breath and race them!

The whole team here at Auto Dynamics share the same passion for performance and the love of all things mechanically propelled.

We’d love to meet you and become the only place for your car and van services.


Call us today on 020 3475 3773 or pop into our workshop in Barnet.